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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Short hiatus

Jul 31, 2018

Hey there Capes fans,

Unfortunately I have to announce that Dr. Issues and I will be taking a short break this month from recording any new episodes - but it's for a good reason. My wife and I are buying a house (in fact we close August 1st) and with the hectic stress of packing, unpacking, painting, etc. I just don't have the time to devote to properly research, record, and edit any episodes. Fear not, however - we anticipate to make a full return to recording and releasing new episodes in September! We'll still stay active on our Twitter and Facebook account, though, to keep tabs on all the latest in superhero action, and when we return we'll have lots to talk about, and maybe even a few tweaks to the show! We've gotten some amazing feedback on these last 20 episodes, and we'll use that information to make the next 20 even better. So don't think of this so much as a hiatus, just as the end of a season, and we'll return next month refreshed, retooled, and ready to bring you more of the analysis and humor that makes us (hopefully) one of your favorite podcasts! So I'll crib from Stan Lee and say Excelsior, True Believers!

- Anthony

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