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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Musings on Moon Knight

Mar 28, 2018

As indicated in the episode, Moon Knight is one of my top two favorite comic book characters of all time (Captain America is the other). And as it's a lot easier to be a completist for Moon Knight than Cap, that's what I've strived for. Since I have every single solo issue of his, plus a number of appearances in other...

Mar 28, 2018

Anthony goes totally fanboy over his favorite character, while Dr. Issues tries to keep things on track. It's a miracle this episode was only an hour...


  • Introduction
  • Background on Moon Knight
    • Marc Spector - Boxer, then Marine, then mercenary
    • Left to die in desert by Bushman, resurrected by Khonshu
    • Creates...

Mar 21, 2018

Dr. Issues learns we don't have the licensing budget for good music, and Anthony discovers he's like Iron Man, but not in the cool, mechanized suit-wearing kinda way.

Show notes:

  • Introduction
  • Background on Tony Stark
    • Starts off as Howard Hughes analogue - pro-war industrialist
    • 1969 - Artificial heart
    • Demon in a Bottle...

Musings on Joker

Mar 14, 2018

So...who hasn't heard of the Joker?


Phew! In that case, I'll skip the visual description, the Batman mythos, the comics, the video games, the cartoon, the movies, all of it. You don't need that from me. No, what I need you to do is ignore all of that. Because, in a way, that has nothing to do with what...

Mar 14, 2018

Anthony and Dr. Issues discuss the Clown Prince of Crime, and Doc gets a buzz out of his new patient. Literally.

Show notes:

  • Introduction
  • Background on Joker
    • Arch-nemesis of Batman
    • Introduced early on in Batman's history
    • Multiple backstories
    • Evolution of character from serial killer to prankster
    • Denny O'Neil/Neal...