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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Aug 19, 2020

Listen now! It's En Sabah Nur - time has no meaning. It's 2020, so why not talk Apocalypse? How does Doc handle someone who bends timelines to his will?


  • Intro
  • Background (01:52)
    • Apocalypse created by Louise Simonson and Jackson Guice in X-Factor #5-6 (June-July 1986)
    • Apocalypse is believed to be the first mutant - over 5,000 years old, born in Egypt - his name, En Sabah Nur, is translated as “The First One”
    • Abandoned as an infant because of his looks, he adopted a survival of the fittest mindset
    • Mutant powers manifested after having his heart broken as a young man - combined with Celestial technology uncovered by Kang the Conqueror, he had incredible power, and became immortal
    • Fostered war throughout the centuries, seeking the strongest warriors
    • Put himself into suspended animation to wait for further developments - awakened by Cable’s arrival and summons a guard, known as the Four Horsemen - the original group included Warren Worthington, aka Angel
    • Tries to kill Nathan Summers, who he believes will become strong enough to defeat him - inadvertently ends up responsible for turning him into Cable
    • Age of Apocalypse - Legion travels in time to kill Magneto, but accidentally kills his father, which disrupts the timeline - with no Xavier, Apocalypse awakens and takes over the world - he is opposed by Magneto, leading a team of mutants
    • Learns from Uatu that Onslaught is going to destroy the world, and temporarily allies with Cable to help defeat him, but ends up focusing on Franklin Richards, which allows Onslaught to escape
    • Battles X-Force, and nearly killed by Archangel
    • Resurrected as a child, and the new X-Force team debates what to do with him before Fantomex shoots him dead
    • Another young clone, named Evan Sabahnur, joins the Jean Grey School for a time, and works on becoming a hero instead of what he is destined to become
    • Currently living on Krakoa as part of the Quiet Council, helping oversee the laws on the island for all mutants
  • Issues (14:09)
    • Savior complex for mutantkind
    • Survival of the fittest mentality
    • Longevity’s impact on mental planning (29:14)
  • Break (39:12)
  • Treatment (40:47)
    • In-universe - Befriend one of the Horsemen and convince Apocalypse to stay in his pyramid
    • Out of universe - treatment of old racists stuck in their ways (45:42)
  • Skit (54:45)
  • Ending (60:23)
    • Recommended reading: Age of Apocalypse
    • Next episodes: Quipping, Baphomet (Wicked + Divine) with special guest Jered from Fantom Zone Podcast, Killer Croc
    • Review read: Pittsburghnerd, 07/07/2020 Great idea - This is a great show with a wonderful concept. Extremely entertaining and worth a listen. I highly recommend you give it a try
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