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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

May 20, 2020

Get yer claws out, it's time to examine LAURA KINNEY! We look at this socially awkward Wolverine, and Doc invents a new use for the Danger Room! Listen now!


  • Intro
    • Apologies for no new episode last week - tried to get creators, and then needed a break
    • New folks in Discord & Facebook fan groups - plug for those communities
  • Background (04:39)
    • X-23 created by Craig Kyle for the X-Men: Evolution TV series, first comic book appearance in NYX #3 (Dec. 2003) by Joe Quesada & Joshua Middleton, first miniseries was X-23 by Craig Kyle & Christopher Yost
    • Dr. Sarah Kinney, a geneticist, is hired to replicate the Weapon X program that created Wolverine, but the sample has a damaged Y chromosome, so Dr. Kinney manipulates the gene to create a XX version - after 22 failed attempts, the 23rd is a viable embryo, which she is forced to carry to term
    • X-23 is raised as a killer, and given no human affection, aside from her sensei & Dr. Kinney
    • At the age of 7, she is subjected to radiation to trigger her mutant gene, her claws are forcibly extracted and coated with adamantium - all without anesthesia, since the doctor doing this, Dr. Rice, is the son of the doctor who created Wolverine and who died after Logan’s surgery
    • X-23 subjected to “trigger scent” which drives her into unstoppable killing rage, and she kills her sensei
    • Dr. Kinney kidnaps X-23 and tells her to kill Dr. Rice, which she does, but before he dies he puts the trigger scent in Dr. Kinney’s hair - as she dies, she gives X-23 the name Laura
    • Laura escapes to New York and begins working as a prostitute, where she encounters several runaway mutants - they work together to escape people hunting them
    • Meets Logan, who tells her he knows about her because Dr. Kinney wrote him letters
    • Joins the Xavier Institute to work with other mutants, learn how to be a human, and be closer to Logan
    • Cyclops asks her to join a lethal X-Force team, but doesn’t ask Logan - this puts them at odds, because Logan wants her to be a kid and make her own choices
    • Starts working with the time-displaced original X-men, and starts dating Teen Warren (Angel)
    • After Logan’s death, takes up the mantle of Wolverine for a time
    • Once Logan returns, she becomes X-23 again - meets other female clones that Dr. Kinney had created - one, Gabby, becomes very close with her, and they consider each other sisters
  • Issues (10:38)
    • No childhood - arrested development and trauma
    • No social skills, although getting better (18:02)
    • Constant struggle between nature as a bred killing machine and wanting to do the right thing (29:25)
  • Break (39:48)
  • Treatment (41:38)
    • In-universe - Use the Danger Room to simulate Toastmasters & public speaking
    • Out of universe - Similar to victims of sex trafficking (46:44)
  • Skit (53:41) - Laura voiced by Hannah from Popcorn Psychology
  • Ending (60:04)
    • Next episodes: Superboy Prime, Azrael, Guardian


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