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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Apr 8, 2020

We take a short trip to Jersey City to talk to KAMALA KHAN! What does hero worship from one hero to another look like? And we have our first ever winner of an open casting call for the voice of Kamala - Nur Chodry! Listen now!


  • Intro
    • Shoutout to Seth making memes in FB Group
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  • Background (03:55)
    • Kamala Khan created by Sana Amanat, Stephen Wacker, G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona, and Jamie McKelvie in Captain Marvel #14 (August 2013) in a one-panel cameo, but first major appearance was Ms. Marvel #1 (Feb. 2014)
    • First generation Pakistani-American, she chafes against the rules of her parents - she’s a major superhero fangirl, and writes fanfiction about the Avengers, especially Carol Danvers, whom she idolizes
    • One night she sneaks out of the house only to end up exposed to the Terrigen Mists, which unlock her latent Inhuman genes – she has the power to shape-shift
    • Her friend Bruno learns of her abilities after she gets shot stopping Bruno’s brother from robbing a store, and becomes her “man in the chair” - he helps her defeat the Inventor, a hybrid of Thomas Edison & a cockatiel
    • In Secret Wars, she helps Carol protect Jersey City, and gets her family & friends to a safe place while they wait for the world to end - once the Incursions pass and the realities merge, she continues operating as Ms. Marvel
    • During a battle against Warbringer, she’s joined by Nova, Spider-Man, and several Avengers - Iron Man offers her a spot on the team, and she accepts
    • Deals with HYDRA using her likeness to co-opt their redevelopment scheme which involves brainwashing residents - manages to defeat them, but takes hit to her reputation
    • During Civil War II arc, initially sides with Carol Danvers, but comes to realize Carol’s manipulating her and stands up to her idol, especially after Carol’s precog arrests a friend of hers who was supposedly going to blow up the school - in the ensuing attempt to rescue Josh, Bruno is seriously injured, and he blames Kamala
    • She quits the Avengers, because they’re too globally focused - she joins the Champions with other young heroes instead
    • She reconciles with Carol, as well as Bruno - they begin dating in the newest series, where it’s revealed that all of her friends and her parents all know of her dual identity
  • Issues (11:12)
    • Initially coping with strict parents – common teenage issue
    • Fangirling of heroes leads to broken pedestal, especially with Carol Danvers (20:23)
    • Unrequited crush on Bruno leads to heartache (28:32)
  • Break
    • Plugs for Talk Me Into, We’re All Mad Here, and Saladin Ahmed
  • Treatment (38:20)
    • In-universe - Interpersonal therapy, focus on the details for a change
    • Out of universe (43:23) - 
  • Skit (Kamala voiced by Nur Chodry, who won the open casting call!) (49:44)
  • Ending (56:00)
    • Next episodes: secret identities, Shredder, Dick Grayson
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    • Patreon Locke & Key review up now


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