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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Mar 25, 2020

We tidy ourselves up for a look at Batman's butler ALFRED PENNYWORTH! Why does he keep working for a loner like Bruce? And how would he actually be like a Real Housewife? Listen now to find out!


  • Intro

    • Review read – Rey - “Well worth listening for the entertainment value of comic book superheroes, but highly informative when it comes to mental health. Anthony & Doc Issues are on top of their game here… analyses and skits make for a perfect mix!”

    • Plug of the week – Geek History Lesson – Jason & Ashley take an in-depth look at a pop culture character every week – Jason wrote a book about military superheroes, and they have a comic book called Jupiter Jet that just finished up a Kickstarter

  • Background (03:54)

    • Alfred created by Don Cameron & Bob Kane in Batman #16 (April 1943)

    • Originally Alfred Beagle, later retconned to Alfred Thaddeus Crane Pennyworth

    • Also originally overweight and clumsy, he was the comic relief of the story, as he attempted to act like a detective alongside Batman & Robin – later his physical appearance changed to match that of the actor who played him in the serial – since then, he’s been slim with a mustache

    • Serves as butler for Batman/Bruce Wayne and Robin/Dick Grayson, one of the only people who knows their true identities

    • Pre-Crisis, he was an actor and intelligence agent whose father served the Wayne family

    • Post-Crisis, he has been a valet all his life, serving the Waynes after his father passed away

    • New 52 – Alfred was a soldier, whose father served the Waynes – Jarvis attempted to resign, but was murdered by the Court of Owls

    • Alfred had a daughter, Julia, who served in reconnaissance for the British Army – mother was Mademoiselle Marie, a French war heroine

    • Loses his right hand in Batman: Endgame, but has it reattached after Bruce returns

  • Issues (07:36)

    • Surrogate father to Bruce – he carries the burden of his secrets

    • Loneliness (14:54)

    • Focus on helping others means he can lose himself (22:04)

  • Break

  • Treatment (30:17)

    • In-universe – Alfred’s understudy

    • Out of universe (33:57)

  • Skit (39:09)

  • Ending (46:06)
    • Next episodes: Capes in Court 75th Issue Special, Kamala Khan, Secret Identities in Comics

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