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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Jul 11, 2018

This week, it's the masked vigilante and cricket aficionado CASEY JONES! Anthony tackles his ever-changing backstory, while Dr. Issues discusses what makes vigilantes difficult to treat. And the couch session is unlike anything that's come before. So get high on cocaine and watch your speed - listen now!

  • Introduction
  • Background (05:33)
    • Created by Kevin Eastman & Peter Laird, first appearance in Raphael: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (April 1985)
    • Difficult to cover Casey or any TMNT characters because comics have changed publishers numerous times, each time with a reboot
  • Mirage history –
    • Arnold Casey Jones grew up in Brooklyn – was beaten as a child by a gang, which led to him idolizing vigilante TV characters and deciding to clean up the streets himself
    • Casey encounters some muggers, and begins beating them to death until stopped by Raphael – they have several skirmishes until they decide to help each other attack the muggers
    • Helps the Turtles, Splinter, and April when they’re attacked in April’s house, and they retreat to Casey’s grandmother’s old farm
    • Over time, he and April begin to get closer until he accidentally kills a teenager, and descends into alcoholism
    • “City at War” - Meets a pregnant waitress named Gabrielle, who he falls in love with and marries – she dies in childbirth, and Casey raises the daughter, named Shadow, as his own – returns to NYC, where he reunites with April
    • They marry and raise Shadow together until April learns she’s actually a drawing come to life courtesy of the Kirby warp pen
    • Later, Volume 4 mentions Casey & April are married, and Shadow is a teenager
  • Image Comics history (10:39)
    • Follows up on Mirage Vol 2
    • Wears an American flag colored mask
    • Still struggles with alcoholism
  • IDW history (12:00)
    • Young hockey player on a scholarship until his mother dies from cancer
    • His father became an alcoholic who beat him repeatedly
    • Befriended Raphael, who saved him from another beating
    • Met April and introduced her to the Turtles
    • His father became Hun, leader of the Purple Dragons, and allied with Shredder – Casey nearly killed as a result of refusing to join
    • Dated April and worked for her parents
  • Issues (14:09)
    • Vigilantism
    • Alcoholism (19:38)
    • Issues with personal relationships, both with April and his father (23:27)
  • Treatment (28:04)
    • In-universe – Learn from Splinter to focus energy and deal with aggression/anger
    • Out-of-universe (29:48) – Testosterone check
  • Skit (35:25)
  • Ending


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