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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Jan 27, 2021

 Issue 107 - Catwoman

  • Intro
    • Email us voice recordings of your thoughts on Batman & what he means to you for upcoming episode -
  • Background (2:50)

  • Catwoman, Selina Kyle, created by Bill Finger & Bob Kane in Batman #1 (Spring 1940)
  • Originally known as “the Cat”, she was a jewel thief who disguised herself as an old woman, until she was captured by Batman - she would go on to be a recurring nemesis for several years until the Comics Code prevented her from being written as evil
  • Resurfaced as a major player in 1987 - Batman: Year One revamped her origin as a prostitute, working with a young girl Holly Robinson - they encounter Batman one night and after Holly stabs him, Selina fights him but gets knocked out - they decide to start burgling the rich, and Selina gets rescued by Bruce after robbing Carmine Falcone
  • 1989 solo series expands upon this - she was a dominatrix whose sister Maggie was a nun - her pimp Stan attacks Maggie to get to her, and Selina kills him in revenge
  • Starts operating as an anti-heroine, while still robbing the wealthy - begins an on-off relationship with Batman, and they learn each other’s identities
  • Is reformed for a period - later revealed due to a mindwipe from Zatanna
  • Became a mother during Infinite Crisis - Slam Bradley Jr. is the father, and she leaves the Catwoman identity for a while while Holly takes over - later gives the child, Helena, up for adoption and returns to being Catwoman
  • Takes on a sidekick for a short while - Catgirl is the daughter of Carmine Falcone
  • New 52 - her origin story resembles Batman Returns, and she joins the Justice League for a time
  • Rebirth - Catwoman is blamed for the death of 237 children after an orphanage explodes - Batman believes she’s innocent, and helps clear her of the charges - he then proposes to Selina - they battle Talia al Ghul
  • Selina leaves Bruce on their wedding day, as she believes making Bruce happy would “kill” Batman, and Gotham needs Batman more than she needs Bruce

  • Issues (11:31)
    • Why does Selina have such a hard time reforming? Does she even want to reform?
    • Why does she steal? (20:38) - thrill of the chase
    • Has a habit of taking in orphans (26:13) - takes one to see one to know one
    • Only tried to reform because Zatanna brainwashed her (27:41) - her consent was violated; similar to ECT in real people
    • Why does she love Bruce? (33:20)
  • Break (38:02)
  • Treatment (39:45)
    • In-universe - “Benevolent white-hat Riddler” - set up heists for her that help reveal things about herself she wouldn’t otherwise access
    • Out of universe - (42:52)
  • Skit (Guest Kate from IWB as Selina) (48:05)
  • Ending (55:54)
    • Recommended reading: Catwoman series from 2001 by Ed Brubaker
    • Next episodes: Phillip Kennedy Johnson interview, Levana Blackburn, Superman: Red Son
    • Review read: Fab! This was awesome. These two definitely know what they are talking about and provide a unique view on their topics.
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