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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Oct 16, 2019

Part 1 of our New York Comic Con interviews! Anthony chats with Cullen Bunn, Howard Mackie, Meredith Finch, Jeremy Whitley, and the inimitable Gail Simone! Listen to what they have to say about the characters they've created and written!


  • Intro
    • Cullen Bunn (3:20)

      • What’s he working on

      • Moon Knight – what did he want to focus on writing Marc?

      • Is Khonshu real or not?

      • How did he come up with the various Priests of Khonshu in the Acts of Evil annual?

      • How did he come to write Moon Knight originally?

      • Who’s his favorite personality of Moon Knight?

      • What does he hope to see in the Disney+ show?

    • Howard Mackie (12:37)

      • What was inspiration for Danny Ketch?

      • What aspects of Danny are based on Howard?

      • Danny’s relationship with his mom

      • What baggage did Danny carry because he lost his sister in his origin?

      • How did he differentiate Danny from Johnny Blaze?

      • How did he differentiate Ben Reilly and Kaine from Peter Parker?

      • What’s coming up next?

    • Meredith Finch (26:44)

      • Wonder Woman – what did she want to tell through Diana

      • What perspective did she bring as a woman writing Wonder Woman?

      • How did she write Diana with the burden of being a hopeful character?

      • What other stories did she want to tell with Diana?

      • Xena – what would she do that Wonder Woman wouldn’t do?

      • Rose – who is Rose and what is her story?

      • What is her next project?

    • Jeremy Whitley (36:03)

      • Did he choose to put Maker as the villain of the book or was that an editorial decision?

      • How did Rikki Barnes end up in the book?

      • What does Jeremy like about the Maker as a character?

      • Julie Power – was she intended as POV character?

      • Julie vs. Maker – dealing with heartbreak in different ways

      • Family – themes recurring in the book

      • What’s next?

    • Gail Simone (48:45)

      • Tell us about Seven Days, the new book

    • Ending
      • Next episode – part 2 of NYCC interviews, then Roy Harper


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