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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Apr 26, 2023

Anthony goes solo to interview the creators of the upcoming YA graphic novel The Dog Knight, Jeremy Whitley & Bre Indigo!

  • Intro
  • Background
    • Welcome back Jeremy
      • What have you been up to since last we spoke?

    • Welcome Bre Indigo
      • Books you’ve worked on

  • The Dog Knight
    • Impetus for story
    • How was Bre brought in as artist? (14:35)
    • Importance of queer/non-binary representation these days (16:02)
    • Making a book you knew would be challenged/banned (22:30)
    • Appreciate the respecting of boundaries in this book, both physical & emotional (29:54)
    • Frankie - (47:20)
      • Difficult enough being a teenager and trying to fit in, non-binary on top of that, and now they’re a hero

    • Pawtheon (52:12)
      • Did you come up with the breeds first and virtues second, or was it done together?

  • Ending (43:13)
    • More stories in this universe? (57:00)
    • Next episodes: Adam Warlock, Sam Alexander, Galactus
    • Plugs for social

Pre-order The Dog Knight now!

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