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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Feb 8, 2023

We bring on Ted Anderson, writer of Side Effects, to talk about his OGN that combines mental health and superpowers in a very unique way - don't miss it!

  • Intro
  • Background
    • How long have you been plotting the story in your head? (10:10)

  • Side Effects
    • Impetus for writing the story
    • Hannah - relatable college kid drowning in everything
      • Reluctant hero syndrome with the powers
      • Are the powers real or imagined - the book plays with it

    • Dr. Jacobs - put upon mental health professional (37:15)
      • Changing medication frequently - how accurate is that? (20:15)

    • Ella - solid supportive character (44:40)
      • Friendlier than almost any roommate I had in college

    • Iz - Got her own baggage (49:50)
      • Her manic episode towards the end reminded me of Nadia’s in Unstoppable Wasp - Jeremy Whitley gave quote on back

    • Situations in school - what was source of the obstacles? (56:00)
    • Tara & Dave - how did you hook up with them? (60:10)
    • Next stories? (65:05)

  • Ending
    • Next episodes: Kang the Conqueror, Animal sidekicks, Claire Voyant
    • Plugs for social


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