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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Feb 7, 2024

We follow up last episode with the second half of our discussion with writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson - this time we're talking James Bond, John Stewart, and the Incredible Hulk! Plus a meaningful discussion on patriotism, and Anthony & Doc make a pitch to work with PKJ ;)

Creators on the Couch - Phillip Kennedy Johnson 3

  • Intro
  • Superman
    • One last question: Metallo giving everything for his sister - where did that idea come from?

  • James Bond (11:52)
    • Based more in Fleming novels vs. films?
    • Was there a particular Bond you had in mind while writing?
    • What makes him such an enduring character, in light of the constant reboots and takes on him?
    • Admittedly only read first half - could not access God & Country

  • John Stewart (23:12)
    • Given your military background, did you gravitate towards John vs. other Lanterns?
    • Focus on John’s family life - mother with dementia and loss of younger sister
    • Revenant Queen - like her speech style (35:18)
    • Obviously it’s ongoing, but how far out do you have mapped storylines?

  • Incredible Hulk (39:05)
    • This story is much more monster-oriented than previous Hulk runs - was this intended to shift away from internal/mental focus like the Ewing run?
    • Body horror - story and art focus on the pain and effects of transformation
    • What inspired Charlie? Feels like more than just audience surrogate

  • What’s next for you? (52:24)
  • Ending
    • Next episodes: Speedball, Deathstroke
    • Plugs for social


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