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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Jan 24, 2024

We're back! And so is Philip Kennedy Johnson! We sit down with PKJ for the second time to talk about his recently wrapped runs on Action Comics & Alien. Listen now!

  • Intro

    • Apologies for delay in episodes - see blog post for more

  • PKJ

    • Last time we spoke was Feb. 2021, discussing Last Sons of America, Kill A Man and end of The Last God

  • Superman (3:42)

    • What was something you wanted to do with Superman that hadn’t been done before?

    • Exploration of Clark-Jon relationship - so many emotional moments

    • Warworld Saga - why go with Mongul for main villain of storyline?

    • Love Osul and Otho - their lack of exposure to anything resembling compassion and love, and the welcoming by the Superman family, is best addition to mythos in a long time

    • Superman family gets major focus here - family is thru-line running across the entire arc

      • Special point on Kong Kenan and his “defection”

    • Blue Earth movement - *chef’s kiss*

  • Alien (22:28)

    • Another instance of a father doing anything for his son in first arc

    • Was it always the plan to have 3 separate arcs across 2 volumes?

    • How much input did you have into Xenomorph designs, or was that all artists?

  • Ending (34:00)

    • Next episodes: Speedball, Deathstroke

    • Plugs for social

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