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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Aug 12, 2020

We examine our youngest character ever - DAMIAN WAYNE! Why does Doc want to send the Son of the Bat to the Phantom Zone for treatment? Listen to find out!


  • Intro
    • Thanks to new Mayor Patron Chad from P3!
    • Shoutout to Super Sons - Dan & Jake cover comic books, news, and anything else on their minds
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  • Background (2:16)
    • Damian Wayne created by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert in Batman #656 (Sept 2006)
    • Character was originally referenced as the son of Bruce Wayne & Talia al Ghul in Batman: Son of the Demon by Mike Barr and Jerry Bingham in 1987, a non-canonical story
    • Grant Morrison brought the character into canon after Infinite Crisis
    • Damian was the genetically engineered son of Bruce & Talia, born after a night of passion where Bruce was drugged - the drugging wasn’t supposed to stick, but later writers reaffirmed it, much to Ariel’s chagrin
    • He was raised by Talia and the League of Assassins to be an incredible fighter - at the age of 13, he was left with Batman
    • Due to his upbringing, he has no social skills, and believes the only way to earn his father’s respect is to kill any rival - this puts him in immediate conflict with Tim Drake, operating as Robin at the time
    • After Bruce’s death, in the Battle for the Cowl Damian acts more childish, until he is corrected by Dick Grayson, who assumes the Batman mantle and asks Damian to serve as his Robin
    • After a battle, Damian is paralyzed - he is healed by Talia, who implants a device in his spine which allows her to control his movements - he and Dick manage to undo the damage
    • He is later disowned by Talia, who feels his acceptance of the Robin mantle is disrespectful to her and her family legacy
    • After Bruce’s resurrection, Damian continues working alongside Dick, and joins the Teen Titans
    • New 52 - Still working as Robin, this time alongside Bruce, while Dick is Nightwing again
    • Killed by an adult clone of him created by Talia - after many battles to retrieve his corpse, Bruce finally resurrects Damian with the Chaos Shard, a stone controlled by Darkseid - the resurrection gives him superhuman strength for a brief period
    • Rebirth - serves as leader of the Teen Titans
    • Supersons - works alongside Jonathan Kent, aka Superboy - they do NOT get along well
  • Issues (8:06)
    • Petulant Child
    • Split Family child rearing (16:36)
    • First exposure to different viewpoints (26:19)
  • Break (39:26)
  • Treatment (41:40)
    • In-universe - send Damian and clones of the Bat-family to the Phantom Zone to hash things out
    • Out of universe - use of “I am” statements to get person to examine self (44:08)
  • Skit (52:46)
  • Ending (57:07)
    • Recommended reading: New 52 Batman & Robin, Super Sons by Peter Tomasi
    • Next episodes: Apocalypse, Baphomet, and Quipping
    • Review read: Batdan22 - Fan For Life I enjoy the way they tackle pop culture on this show. Hosts are fun and engaging, topics are right up my alley. Just a lot of fun being had by those who make it and those who listen.
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