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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Jul 29, 2020

Things get downright inhuman as we examine READER! Is it a problem if a dog isn't just a man's best friend, but his only one? Plus a cross-country skit you have to hear - listen now!


  • Intro
    • Two new Patrons - Humble Citizen Andrew & Mayor Jacob!
    • 100th episode will be award show - more information at next episode
  • Background (03:15)
    • Reader created by Charles Soule and Ryan Stegman in Inhuman #4 (October 2014)
    • An older Inhuman, he was part of a group that lived in Greenland
    • Once the Terrigen Bomb went off, he worked as a finder for the Ennilux corporation, bringing them NuHumans
    • When one of the Inhunmans brought to the company is going to be used as a vessel for the chairman and killed, though, he rescues her and they go on the run
    • Later joins a team organized by Black Bolt to help search for Black Bolt’s son Ahura
    • Often works with Agent Frank McGee, who operates as an intermediary between Inhumans and the human world
    • Helps Daredevil work on rooting out the corruption in Wilson Fisk’s mayoral office
  • Issues (08:16)
    • Self-admitted loner - part of the Inhumans, but doesn’t really want to stay in Attilan
    • Connection with his dog Forey - having a dog as a companion is interesting (15:45)
    • Control over powers, but they’re limited - has to be judicious with usage (26:42)
  • Break (36:12)
  • Treatment (37:26)
    • In-universe - single word mantras for him to “read”
    • Out of universe - use the pet to get the person talking about themselves
  • Skit (45:15)
  • Ending (51:16)
    • Recommended reading: Uncanny Inhumans - good to see him working as part of a team, even if it’s not always smooth
    • Next episodes: Uatu the Watcher (Matt), Damian Wayne (Ariel), Brian pick TBD
    • Review read: SeaUnicorns - Never heard comics broken down this way! These guys are great! The way they break down comic books brings it home and they do a great job linking the woes and follies of comic heroes to real life!
    • Plugs for social


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