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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Apr 25, 2018

The Avengers: Infinity War special - THANOS! Anthony compares Infinity Gauntlet to Beauty & the Beast, Dr. Issues talks God's Debris, and the most far out couch skit yet!


  • Introduction
  • Background (07:48)
    • Created by Jim Starlin in Iron Man #53 (1973), originally an Iron Man villain
    • Moved on to become adversary of Captain Marvel (Mar-Vell)
    • Killed by Adam Warlock, but resurrected by Mistress Death
    • Thanos Quest - On the search for Soul Gems (later renamed Infinity Gems) to please Death, who is his obsession (12:18)
    • Infinity Gauntlet - Acquisition of ultimate power over all facets of reality, defeated by own hubris and Nebula
    • Infinity Gauntlet = Beauty and the Beast (17:15)
    • Infinity War - Allies with Warlock and Avengers against Magus and his own doppleganger
    • Infinity Crusade - Once again allies with Warlock, this time against Goddess
    • Infinity Abyss - Created five clones/experiments, but they attack him and he is forced to destroy them
    • Annihilation - Allies with Annihilus until he realizes Annihilus wants to destroy universe, gets killed by Drax
    • Thanos Imperative - Becomes the new avatar of Death, fights Guardians of the Galaxy, and is imprisoned within the Cancerverse by Nova (Richard Rider)
    • Thanos Rising - a backstory prequel that explains his mother tried to kill him at birth, his obsession with Death, and ultimately him killing his mother
    • Infinity - Thanos has a son who is half-Inhuman (Thane), goes all Creeping Death on Inhuman boys between 16 and 22
    • Secret Wars - Killed by God Emperor Doom
    • Civil War II - Resurrected by Galactus, discovers he is dying, and kills his father Mentor after he is unable to provide a cure
  • Issues (35:49)
    • Obsession with Death - done out of love
    • Isolation (42:48)
    • Petulance (43:26)
    • Destructive relationship with family (45:23)
    • Nihilism (48:25)
    • Greed and ego (51:32)
    • Betrayed by subconsciousness - unworthy of power (54:42)
  • Treatment (60:39)
    • In-universe - dare God to do better
      • Dr. Issues discusses God's Debris (61:04)
      • Anthony mentions "The Egg" (65:10)
    • Out-of-universe (66:51) - Existential therapy
      • Understand the connections between people (72:15)
  • Thanos on the Couch (79:20)
  • Ending - Next week's episode - LOKI! (84:48)

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