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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Nov 20, 2019

It's our first ever live appearance at Rogue Comics! And we covered the gentle giant Colossus! We compare and contrast his relationships with Kitty and Illyana, plus a Q&A with Piotr himself! Don't miss it!


  • Intro

    • Thanks to everyone for coming to Rogue Comics!

    • New patron - Stephanie!
    • Plug for Play Comics – Chris and a guest play games based on comics, and determine how accurately the game depicts what happens in the comics (3:41)

  • Background (4:45)

    • Colossus (Piotr Nikolayevich Rasputin) created by Len Wein & Dave Cockrum in Giant Size X-Men #1 (May 1975)

    • Piotr was born on a Soviet collective farm with his family, including his sister Ilyana (Magik)

    • As a teen, he saved Ilyana from a runaway tractor, and discovered he had the ability to turn his body into organic steel

    • Joined the X-Men when Professor Xavier put together a team of mutants to rescue the original X-Men on Krakoa, and stayed as a member of the team

    • At one point, he helped save the Fall People in the Savage Land, and started a brief romantic relationship with a woman named Nereel, that resulted in a child named Peter, although Colossus doesn’t know he’s the father

    • Later started a relationship with Kitty Pryde, but ended things shortly thereafter

    • Temporarily paralyzed during battle with Riptide, and was unable to return to human form for a time

    • After Ilyana dies from the Legacy Virus, Colossus joins Magneto’s Acolytes for a while

    • Rejoined the X-Men

    • Sacrificed himself to spread cure to Legacy Virus – later revealed that his body was stolen by an alien to experiment on him – rescued by X-Men and restarts relationship with Kitty until she sacrifices herself to save the Earth from Breakworld

    • World War Hulk – battles Hulk, who breaks his arms while in metal form

    • Gains the powers of the Juggernaut for a while after Cyttorak takes them back from Cain Marko – Magik offers herself, but Piotr intercepts

    • Then gains the power of the Phoenix Force during Avengers vs. X-Men, only to lose it when he and Ilyana battle each other – Ilyana reveals that was part of her plan all along, because she wanted him to feel pain & regret – she frees him of Cyttorak’s influence while in Limbo, and he told her the next time they met, he would kill her

  • Issues (16:45)

    • Relationship with Ilyana - dangerous

    • Relationship with Kitty (25:30)

    • Duality of nature (33:33)

  • Break
  • Treatment (44:30)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe

  • Q&A with Colossus (NOTE: This was originally going to just be for the attendees, but Anthony & Doc couldn't find time to schedule a recording of a regular skit, so you lucked out!)
  • Ending
    • Next episode - history of psychiatry in comics
    • Robbie Reyes - Episode 66

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