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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Sep 25, 2019

Our second thematic episode focuses on survivor guilt! How does Emma Frost cope with all of the horrible things she's encountered? What impact does being the Last Son of Krypton have on Superman? Anthony & Doc break it all down - listen now!


  • Intro

    • Shoutout to And a Bag of Chips, the podcast that’s all things late 90s/early 2000s – hosted by Lisa Foiles of All That and Drew

  • Background (2:20)

    • Survivor guilt is the idea that a survivor of a traumatic event feels guilty for surviving when others have died

    • First identified in the 1960s, and was featured among several Holocaust survivors – also common among armed forces personnel, victims of natural disasters, and survivors of terrorist attacks

    • Can take several forms: guilt over things they didn’t do or could’ve done, guilt over things they did to survive, and mere guilt over living when others died

    • Can manifest in anxiety, depression, suicidality, nightmares, mood swings

  • Examples

    • Emma Frost - New X-Men 138-139, Astonishing X-Men vol. 3 13-18, X-Men: Manifest Destiny 2

      • First, Jean and Emma have a psychic battle after Jean discovers Emma’s psychic affair with Scott, and drags her through everything she’s done wrong

      • Then Cassandra Nova manipulates Emma into helping Cassandra destroy the X-Men, and is aware of what she’s doing – brings up her survival of Genosha’s destruction

      • Then, even when she’s headmistress of the school and in the good graces of the team, she still feels that she doesn’t belong, and that her past will be rubbed in her face at any moment

    • Cyclops (18:22)


      • After Avengers vs. X-Men, feels guilt over killing Xavier, and is basically on a suicide mission to redeem himself

    • Superman (25:50)
      • Last Son of Krypton says it all
    • Batman (30:28)

      • Guilt for not being able to save his parents – so much of what he does & who he is centers around that

    • Walking Dead (35:13)

      • Rick feels guilty abandoning Lori and Judith murdered by the Governor’s crew

  • Treatment (45:04)

  • Ending

    • Next episode – Hawkeye (Fraction run), Roy Harper

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    • Live episode coming in October at Rogue Comics

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