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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Mar 27, 2019

It's the Season 2 finale, and per our President level Patron Ariel's request, we're covering TALIA AL GHUL! Anthony & Doc go in depth on Ra's daughter, her on/off-again relationship with Batman, and how good of a mother she is to Damian. All this, plus a first ever treatment session and the weirdest accent Anthony's done yet - LISTEN NOW!


  • Introduction

    • Shoutout to Blood & Black Rum (NSFW) –  – Ryne & Chris drink beer and talk about (mostly) cult films – (3:34)

  • Background (5:54)

    • Created by Dennis O’Neil and Bob Brown in Detective Comics #411 (May 1971)

    • Daughter of Ra’s al Ghul, introduced as simply Talia – Batman rescues her from the League of Assassins, and she shoots her captor (Dr. Darrk) to save Batman

    • Later revealed that a kidnapping was a test by Ra’s to see if Batman would make a good husband for Talia – Bruce rejects the offer, but still loves Talia

    • She marries Bruce in 1978 with Ra’s approval

    • She becomes pregnant with Bruce’s child, but she realizes she can’t stay with him, so she fakes a miscarriage and annuls the marriage – the boy is dropped off at an orphanage – later grows to become Damian Wayne

    • Takes over LexCorp when Lex Luthor becomes President of the US – she sells all the assets to Wayne Foundation, leaving Lex broke

    • Gets kidnapped by her half-sister Nyssa and brainwashed to turn against their father – Nyssa kills Ra’s, and both women take over his organization

    • After Bruce is apparently killed, she tells Dick Grayson to take Damian under his wing as the new Robin – after Damian is injured, she implants a device in his spine that allows her to control him, and she starts to clone him to create a more obedient son

    • Batman Inc – she takes control of an organization called Leviathan to kill Batman – her Damian clone kills the original, and she poisons Batman in a battle, but gets killed by Kathy Kane – Ra’s brings her body to a Lazarus Pit to resurrect her – she awakens with no memory of her former life

    • Rebirth – fights Catwoman after finding out she’s engaged to Bruce

    • Lies to Deathstroke and tells him that Damian is his son so he attacks Bruce

  • Issues (12:02)

    • Loyalty torn between her father and Bruce

    • After kidnapping by Nyssa, becomes more detached from humanity like her father

    • Maternal instincts over Damian vary – usually fiercely loyal to him, but also willing to abandon him when he defies her (28:21)

  • Treatment (39:50)

    • In universe

    • Out of universe

  • Skit (54:04)

  • Ending


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