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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Jan 23, 2019

WE'RE BACK! Anthony & Doc return with their first episode of 2019! At Patron Matt's request, we cover J. Jonah Jameson! Learn why he's so obsessed with Spider-Man, and how bad this is for his health! Listen now!


  • Introduction/Welcome back

  • Background (05:55)

    • Created by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko in The Amazing Spider-Man #1 (March 1963)

    • John Jonah Jameson, Jr. was the son of John Jonah Jameson, Sr., but was raised by his uncle David – young JJ thought David was his father, but later the real relationship was revealed

    • David was a veteran, and was incredibly abusive to the boy – also was responsible for getting him addicted to cigars as a child

    • Served in WWII as a war correspondent – returned home to his wife Joan, they had a son, John Jonah III – Joan died in a mugging accident, and Jameson worked at the Daily Bugle to mask his pain – later came to run and own the paper

    • When Spider-Man appears on the scene, Jameson uses the paper to discredit the “wall-crawling menace”

    • In some versions, his hatred of Spider-Man stems from Spidey knocking his astronaut son John off the front page

    • Later hires Peter Parker as a freelance photographer due to his pictures of Spider-Man in action, not knowing they’re one & the same

    • Often offers rewards for Spider-Man’s unmasking or capture, and occasionally teams up with villains to go after Spidey

    • Suffered his first heart attack after being threatened by an angry Spidey

    • Responsible for hiring Mac Gargan, genetically enhancing him, and giving him a suit of armor to work as the Scorpion, all to attack Spider-Man

    • Later marries Dr. Marla Madison, a scientist who created a series of Spider Slayer robots

    • Marla’s niece Mattie Franklin operates as Spider-Woman, though once again Jonah is unaware

    • Blackmailed by Hobgoblin about creating the Scorpion, Jameson gives up control of the Bugle, and it’s later bought from him by a millionaire, who uses the paper to promote Spider-Man

    • During Civil War, when Spidey unmasks, Jameson doesn’t take it well – feels betrayed by Peter Parker, who he considered an honest young man

    • Has another heart attack after arguing with Parker over payment of photos, and yet again during Take Your Child to Work day at the Bugle

    • Becomes mayor of NYC, and uses city resources to go after Spider-Man

    • Marla dies when Alistair Smythe attacks him and she jumps in front of him to protect him – he blames himself and tries to have Smythe killed, but Spider-Man protects Smythe, enraging JJ

    • Works with Superior Spider-Man to patrol NYC with Spider-Slayers, who turn on the citizens – Jameson resigns as mayor over this

    • Starts working for a news channel, but gets fired after unknowingly helping to spread a virus

    • Gets exclusive interview for his blog with Spider-Man where he reveals his identity to Jameson, who says he’ll support Spider-Man more in the future

  • Issues (17:51)

    • His vendetta against Spider-Man is all he has – his anger has isolated him from people, and his wife, niece, and father are all dead

    • Has son on pedestal (24:40)

    • Journalistic integrity varies (31:50)

  • Treatment (39:07)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe (43:15)

  • Skit (54:09)

  • Ending


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