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Dec 21, 2022

We take on the Titanous daughter of Trigon, RAVEN! How good is Anthony's Tara Strong impression? How do you handle an empath? All this and more in our season finale - listen now!

  • Intro
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    • We’ll also do a watch party of the Ryan Reynolds movie
    • Unwittingly this is season finale
    • January is Lantern month
  • Background (5:09)
    • Raven created by Marv Wolfman & George Perez in DC Comics Presents #26 (October 1980)
    • Raven is the daughter of the demon Trigon and a human woman, Angela Roth - Raven was raised in Azarath to control her emotions by monks so she could control her demonic powers, which include astral projection, teleportation, and emotional manipulation
    • When she learned Trigon was planning to invade Earth, she first approached the Justice League for assistance, but when they refused, she reformed the Titans as the New Teen Titans to battle Trigon, who they imprisoned in an alternate dimension
    • When Trigon inevitably escaped, he corrupted Raven and took her over - the Titans killed her, allowing the souls of Azarath to possess her body and kill Trigon, after which she was resurrected, free of his control
    • Became Dark Raven after she was possessed by her evil conscience, and implanted her good soul in Starfire (although she said she implanted a seed of Trigon) - the evil Raven then attempted to destroy Starfire, but was defeated by the Titans, and her good soul was placed in a new body
    • She later enrolled in a high school under the name Rachel Roth, and dated Beast Boy for a while
    • She broke up with Beast Boy and left the team, although the two were unrelated
    • Discovered three half-brothers, children Trigon had with other mothers, who tried to use her to access their father’s realm - Raven used her powers to make her brothers so greedy they stole Trigon’s power
    • New 52 - her origin is practically similar, but initially she was operating as a double agent for Trigon under his control
    • During a battle with the Crime Syndicate, Raven was sent several thousand years into the past, where she used her powers to teleport herself and the Titans forward to the future, before returning to the present - all the chronal manipulation severed Trigon’s connection to her
    • She and several other heroes were kidnapped by Damian Wayne, who was putting a team together to battle Ra’s al Ghul
    • She and the other Titans create a school to train new students
  • Issues - Her heart is not her own (9:15)
    • Emotional repression
    • Seemingly cannot escape her father’s manipulation & control
    • Empath power leaves her vulnerable to emotions of those around her
  • Break (36:39)
    • Plugs for Scotch N Sports, Popcorn Psychology, and Meredith Finch
  • Treatment (37:50)
    • In-universe - 
    • Out of universe - 
  • Skit (47:44)
    • Hello Raven, I’m Dr. Issues. -Hello.
    • *longest pause that almost makes listener think there’s something wrong with the episode* Umm, what can I do for you? -Well, we can talk about…stuff. I guess.
    • Ooooooookay, such as… -I don’t know.
    • *another awkward pause, but not as long as the first* Feel free to talk about whatever you want. I’m not used to digging this hard to start a conversation when the person booked the first session themselves. -I got a recommendation.
    • I’m flattered *pause* Is there something holding you back? -*sigh* I was trying to avoid using this *Azarath Metrion Zinthos* Aaaah, that’s better. You should be easier to talk to now. 
    • What did you do? -I had to find a way to let a part of myself out. But I needed a willing vessel. You work just fine.
    • I’m a good listener, not an empty vessel. -I didn’t say “empty,” just willing. You’re an empath. I can tell.
    • Then what is it that I’m supposed to carry? -Oh I don’t know…the weight of soul crushing guilt that you can never do anything to make your problems go away, or stop those that created you from ruining your life, or trying to find someone that takes you seriously for more than a fling, or…grrr…even when I throw it away I can still feel it eating at me. 
    • I can tell *sound of actual biting* ow! What the hell? What bit me? -I’m not using metaphors.
    • You…you put your emotions into me? They physically…I don’t know how to describe this. -I wouldn’t try to put words to it. They hate that. It’s too close to an amateur trying to learn a new spell on the fly.
    • Then why do this at all? -Respite, mostly. I have a tough burden. 99.9% of the time, I keep myself reigned in. But that 0.1%...oh, when that gets out, lets loose…let’s just say NOBODY has ever liked the consequences. 
    • Well, I’m certainly not liking them myself! What do you do to mature them? -*pause* There’s no maturation process. You have to neutralize them.
    • And that’s what you’ve been doing your whole life. -Yes. Well, when I’m in control, that’s what I do.
    • What happens specifically when you’re not in control? -I can’t answer that.
    • Can’t, or won’t -Can’t because my memories become warped and it’s usually due to someone else taking control. One time it’s a part of myself. Another time, it’s someone else. All I know is, when it gets to that point, pain and suffering follows. Then I have to do damage control and all I want to do is be left alone. Does that make sense?
    • I have to say yes…mainly because as I THINK you make sense, I now FEEL like you make seeeenOHGOD *thump sound as Doc drops on the floor* spoke too soon. Something you said…or I said…you don’t like. -*legitimately worried* That’s not good. When you reach a certain threshold, the part of myself I gave to you should automatically come back to me. *magical sound effect, alduron en lenthranall* it’s stuck. How is that possible?
    • Remember how you said willing vessel? Well…I think the best I can explain it is, I take my work home with me sometimes. -You can’t hold onto other people’s emotions! That’s ridiculous! 
    • *angry* Well it’s not so literal 99.9% of the time! -*sigh* Ugh, FINE! *alduron en lenthranall, alduron en lenthranall* *now in a true panic* WHY ARE YOU STILL HOLDING ON?
    • *grunting* I need to ask a few more questions -Are you joking right now?
    • Surprisingly no. Tell me, what was so wrong with my answer before? -I didn’t believe you.
    • So you don’t trust me? -I just met you.
    • And yet you made me carry a burden that has weighed on you since you were born? There’s a huge contradiction. -I was…I was trying something different. Dark arts, meditation, isolation, fighting…that only gets me so far. I can’t lean on teammates without some serious backlash. Even the ones I love…loved…still love? Anyway, the point is, I know the definition of insanity, and I’m tired of doing the same thing over and over again. But I didn’t expect THIS. You care too much, even though I’m a stranger…and it scares me.
    • Thank you. *sound of air rushing by* whoa! That was exhilarating! What did you do now? -Nothing…wait…it’s back…to me…it came back? WILLINGLY came back? But not the same. I’M not the same. Or part of me…I don’t really understand myself. Is this you? No, you’re you.
    • That’s a relief. -I’ll need to explore this with other parts of myself. This is probably temporary…whatever it is…but You must be worth it if I didn’t even have to tell you about that time my father got inside me
    • Hewhatnow? -*rapid* Nothing gotta go and don’t worry about nightmares they go away quickly 
    • Wait just a -*interrupting, with magic sound effect* here’s a token to ward off any demons, take one and call me in the morning
    • But I’m the -*interrupting again* And for your own safety please talk to someone so you don’t burn yourself out. *door slams*
    • Did she really say something about her dad…*shudder* 
  • Ending (53:57)
    • Recommended reading: New Teen Titans (Wolfman/Perez run)
    • Next episodes: January is Lantern month
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