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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Nov 9, 2022

Before he makes his big screen debut in Wakanda Forever, we take a deep dive on NAMOR! To what depths does his distrust of the surface world go?

  • Intro
    • New patron: Citizen Amar-Kareem

  • Background (4:55)
    • Namor Mckenzie, the Sub-Mariner, created by Bill Everett in Motion Picture Funnies Weekly (April 1939) and Marvel Comics #1 (October 1939)
    • Namor was born from a human father, sea captain Leonard McKenzie, and an Atlantean, Fen, daughter of Emperor Thakorr
    • His unique parentage gave him both strengths and weaknesses that other Atlanteans did not possess: he is pink skinned like humans as opposed to the blue skin of pureblood Atlanteans, but he cannot survive in water or on land for prolonged periods of time, or it will impact his psyche
    • Initially Namor was, if not a full villain, at best an antihero or well-intentioned extremist, attacking Americans in the name of protecting Atlantis and the ocean
    • Once WWII started, he joined other heroes in attacking Nazis
    • After WWII, he suffered an amnesiac attack, and once he recovered, he joined Professor Xavier in searching for mutants - Xavier’s attempt at repairing his memories, however, created further issues in Namor’s mind, and gave him bipolar disorder
    • He was later found wandering the streets of New York as an amnesiac vagrant - upon learning that Atlantis was destroyed by nuclear bombs, his memories returned and he vowed revenge on the surface world, pitting him against the Fantastic Four numerous times
    • He would attempt several times to woo Susan Storm away from Reed, but although Sue admits an attraction to Namor, she remains loyal to her husband
    • He married twice - his first wife Dorma was killed shortly after the wedding by an evil mermaid, and his second wife Marrina was driven mad, and Namor was forced to kill her with the Ebony Blade - she survived, and Norman Osborn altered her DNA to turn her into a raging beast as part of his revenge on Namor, who killed her once again #BecauseComics
    • In the 90s, he searches for sunken treasures and uses the money to finance a corporation that focuses on conservation
    • He is a member of the Illuminati, and notably the only one opposed to sending the Hulk into space, as he foresaw dire consequences should Bruce return - he was the only one who Bruce didn’t seek vengeance upon when Hulk came back
    • Due to his mutant abilities, he formally joins the X-Men, and is one of the Phoenix Five during AvX, but is the first one to be defeated and lose his Phoenix Force powers
    • Namor is killed by the Squadron Supreme in retaliation for his numerous attacks on Earth and other worlds, but this is undone by time travel after the team realized Namor’s murder would lead to global destruction
    • Fights the Agents of Atlas after Atlantis’ guardian dragon is stolen - after some battling, Namor & the agents come to an understanding, and then team up against the King in Black

  • Issues - born of two worlds, welcome in neither
    • Mixed parentage creates hostility
    • Unique physiology leads to bipolar disorder, or at least manic/depressive swings
    • Zealotry for Atlanteans leads to issues with both his people as well as surface dwellers

  • Break

  • Treatment
    • In-universe - 
    • Out of universe - Mixed race parentage

  • Skit
    • Hello Namor, I’m Dr. Issues. - I am King Namor, ruler of Atlantis. I am not one of your colleagues, we are not fraternizing over a beverage. You will address me accordingly.
    • My apologies, your majesty…your highness…your Atlantean Majestic highness? I’m bad at this. -I gave you one job and yet you have failed. But I am a forgiving ruler, so you will get one more chance.
    • Thank you, King Namo…wait, you don’t rule me! -That is not the point. As long as you show the proper respect, and the appropriate decorum, then I have no quarrel with you.
    • Very well then. What does the mighty King of Atlantis have to gain from gracing the presence of a common land-dwelling human psychiatrist? -I would have thought that my message was delivered ahead of time. If not, then I will be forced to punish the one that failed to deliver said message, AND then I will have them re-send that message twice as fast the next time. There is no room for error in troubling times such as these.
    • So…what was the message? - That I, albeit one of the most important figures in existence, has made his mark on the world, yet still find challenges that can only be mastered through the guiding hand of one with the knowledge of the mind. You, my humble servant, are such a man.
    • Um…thanks? So, what can I help you with? -My people have respected me for so long that I worry they no longer fear me the way they should. There is no room for comfort when our world remains in great peril on all sides.
    • No offense but, that comes across a bit paranoid. -You wouldn’t say that if you have fought the battles we have fought. To be forewarned is to be forearmed.
    • But why would you want fear instead of respect? Fear is the more primal response and that sounds…beneath you. -Fear can be harnessed. Respect is dormant, docile even.
    • Boy, you really have a hard edge. Do you ever relax? -I am capable of the finest travels in leisure only privy to those that would dare seek such an endeavor.
    • *pause* Such as… -That’s classified. It is beneath a man of my stature to, as you say, kiss and tell. 
    • Oooooookaaaaay…are you always this obtuse? -There is no need to use such language! Remember your place amongst royalty.
    • *pause* You don’t know what that word means, do you? -*pause* The kingdom of Atlantis has no need for obscure vocabulary. We speak directly, we are a people of action.
    • All you’re talking about so far is your people. That’s nice, but the point of individual therapy is the individual. What do you want to change? -Nothing.
    • Then we’re done here. What’s the point? -You once again have a misguided approach. I am saying that I value consistency. Tradition. Honor. Or are those concepts too…obtuse for you to comprehend?
    • You want permanent, everlasting control of that which is important to you. -Now we are speaking the right language.
    • As a psychiatrist, I must inform you, King Namor of the Atlanteans, that I am in no position to make any such guarantee that our sessions will yield that result. - I see. You need to work on your delivery of sarcasm. It does not match any of my rivals for wit or passion.
    • You’re USED to people talking to you that way? Did you ever think that it’s because you get under the skin of every person you meet? -A pearl is made by an irritant of sand in an oyster’s mouth. And yet, not every oyster produces a pearl. My lot in life is to create more treasures of the sea. Why should I care if others are intolerable of my grit?
    • I’m not sure that’s a “lot” in life instead of a conscious choice. -*pause* That’s not a question.
    • I…don’t think I wanted it to be a question? Anyway, you’re blocking my attempts to understand your emotions, your thought process, and your values. What do you want from me? -Well, you haven't attempted to throw me out of your office yet, so that tells me you are more tolerant than most plebs. ***paper unfurls*** Here’s a list of every goal that is relevant to my success.
    • The first 50 of them are crossed off. You don’t need to show me those. -Then how will you know of my great achievements?
    • I agree -What?
    • *quickly* Nothing…now, you name at least 20 people here and simply have an exclamation point next to their names…except Sue, where you have a heart…but there are no details for any of them - I don’t need explanations; I know what they mean.
    • But I DON’T know what they mean! -That’s for you to decipher as we talk over the next 22 sessions
    • 22?! Aww man…um, why 22? -I have a full calendar of every in-person session and phone call that we’ll have so that you can’t say “I’m busy” at the last moment. Your online system is truly convenient.
    • Are you trying to make up for a lack of other attachments by putting more energy into me? -*pause* You say it like it’s a bad thing. 
    • 15 minute…10 minute time limit - But I
    • *interrupting* and only 3 topics -You are in no position to
    • *interrupting again* plus if you are more than 5 minutes late I charge double -*pause* you are trying to create barriers. I see. But a king never yields. You WILL treat me and you WILL know my greatness. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to go salvage a barren stretch of an unknown trench that you have never heard of but will save countless ocean creatures for the sake of Atlantean commerce. I’ll be sure to send you a private message when it concludes at…oh, about 4AM on your time scale.
    • *heaviest sigh* I look forward to it. - Now THAT was better.

  • Ending
    • Recommended reading: Sub-Mariner: The Depths
    • Next episodes: Mystique, Poison Ivy, Moira McTaggert
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