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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Jul 14, 2021

  • Intro
  • Background (1:40)

  • Rogue created by Chris Claremont and Michael Golden in Avengers Annual #10 (August 1981)
  • Born Anna Marie in Mississippi, her parents disappeared when she was young, and she was raised by her strict aunt - she rebelled as a teen, earning the nickname Rogue
  • After kissing a boy named Cody, her latent mutant abilities manifested, sending Cody into a coma - she discovered any skin-to-skin contact with a person would cause her to absorb their life force, and in some cases their memories - she covered herself up to avoid touching anyone ever again
  • Mystique found Rogue and began mentoring her, eventually bringing her into the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants - she was sent to attack Carol Danvers - during the fight, prolonged contact caused Rogue to permanently absorb Carol’s powers, and gave Carol amnesia - the Danvers identity would remain with Rogue for many years, eventually causing Rogue to seek out Professor Xavier for assistance
  • She eventually joined the X-Men, slowly earning their trust and becoming a valuable teammate, even as Danvers continued to control her in periods of stress or unconsciousness - after losing her powers in a battle with Master Mold, she discovered the Danvers identity was also gone
  • As her powers returned, she also began an on-again/off-again relationship with Gambit, but her lack of physical intimacy and his dishonesty caused friction for a long time - after a battle with Destiny robbed them both of their powers, they left the X-Men and moved in together to explore their relationship
  • After another battle with Mystique where her foster mother tried to kill her, she absorbed Mystique’s powers and left her for dead - went to the Australian outback to figure out how to control her powers - with the help of Xavier, she was able to control her absorption for the first time in her life
  • Eventually started a relationship with Magneto, although it was largely long-distance, as they both had other commitments
  • Originally stayed neutral during AvX, but joined the staff at the Xavier Institute after a fight broke out on campus and She-Hulk inadvertently injured some children
  • Turned down a marriage proposal from Magneto, and ended their relationship
  • Joined the Avengers Unity Division as a mutant representative, eventually becoming field leader
  • Restarted her relationship with Gambit, and after Kitty Pryde broke off her engagement to Colossus at the altar, Gambit proposed to Rogue on the spot, and they were married instead - got transported to the Mojoverse for their honeymoon, since Mojo wanted a famous couple for his new show

  • Issues (6:15)
    • Authoritarian upbringing caused her to rebel
    • Inability to touch anyone caused problems in her relationships, both romantic and platonic (18:26)
    • Broken relationship with Mystique, where they alternate between trying to kill each other and trying to work together (27:06)
  • Break (34:36)
  • Treatment (36:11)
    • In-universe - Use other mutants to help transmute the energy flow as a result of contact and help her move past that
    • Out of universe - (40:06)
  • Skit (49:22)
    • Hello Rogue, I’m Dr. Issues. - Hey there, sugah.
    • So, what can I do for you? -I don’t know, what can you do?
    • *sarcasm* Hardee har har. I have the ability to listen to what you have to say, synthesize that dialogue in a way that may have some benefit to you and your relationships, while monitoring for any signs of a formal diagnosis that needs more focused treatment. -Shoot, I thought you were gonna get all flustered like most guys do when someone like me talks coy with them.
    • I got over that a long time ago. -Must be nice
    • Meh. -*pause* Well, I guess that’s my way of saying I’m stuck. I either push people away too quickly, or I dive in and get myself into stuff I can’t just walk out of.
    • Why not? -That’s a really easy one. Do you know about my powers?
    • I do my homework, sure. -Well, imagine if your first chance at a physical connection, you destroy their life...I mean, REALLY destroy it. You don’t get over that. There’s no amount of talking that can fix that.
    • *pause* I’m terribly sorry. From the tone in your voice I can tell it wasn’t intentional. -But it doesn’t stop there. I was led to do some horrible things to people and I didn’t know the consequences. That’s the type of thing that some people can’t ever live with themselves over. Do you get what I’m saying?
    • Hmm...has it ever gotten to that point for you, where life wasn’t worth it anymore? -No! Well, not like that, but to disappear, to not hurt anybody, that’s the type of thing I wish for sometimes. 
    • This next question is meant to get to something deep here, so please don’t think I’m trying to lead you...why haven’t you disappeared? -That’s like trying to hide the Juggernaut in a kiddie pool. That dog won’t hunt. Besides, every time I did walk away, my past came back to bite me. So I gave up on tryna run.
    • So anonymity doesn’t work, but your powers are a huge factor in any basic, I have to say, I’m impressed you’ve continued to persevere as well as you have. -Thank you...not many people see it that way besides you.
    • I’m glad to hear that there’s more than just me. -Are you always trying to see the glass half full?
    • I try to see the glass with whatever amount is inside, the contents, the condition of the glass, the -I get the point. No stone unturned. Does that mean you want to know who sees the good in me?
    • -Of course! -Let’s start with Remy number one. That man...there’s something about that man, it’s hard to describe. He just...lights me up inside. 
    • Aww, that’s sweet! -Hold on, ah don’t want it to sound all peaches and cream. Ah mean, when it’s good, it’s finer than frog hair. But he’s got a real stubborn streak. When he doesn’t get his way, he doubles down on how he feels. Shucks, I think sometimes he argues with me just to watch me burn up!
    • Maybe; I don’t want to speculate on him since I don't’ know him as well as you do. But you’re the one who says he makes you feel that way. That type of bond doesn’t happen overnight. -Damn right it doesn’t! How many people get told they have to wait for the right time, and that time might be never? Well, he was there for all of it. Even when I went my own way, he came right back to me no matter what. 
    • As with most relationships, that sounds like a two-way street. However you got to the point that you are on a similar wavelength, I’m genuinely happy for you. To be honest, if you’re doing okay with that aspect of things, maybe there’s another part of your life that is challenging you. -Everything.
    •  I see that’s your style of response, but can we please drill down a bit? -Can we not and say we did?
    • Rogue, I’m really not a hardass. You don’t have to be scared of a psychiatrist. -*laughs* Oh sugah, I’m not scared of you. I’m scared of what I’ll say to you. You probably lock up half the people you see just for speaking their mind.
    • I only look out for the safety of my patients and the rest of society. Having emotions is not a risk. It’s what you do with those emotions that counts. As long as you are not a danger to yourself or others, this is completely confidential. And if it’s in the past, then I would never put you through “double jeopardy.” -So if I told you that my second mama wanted to kill me after I had made up with the women she had me nearly kill and take her life, you’re not gonna arrest me?
    • *dramatic gulp* Well, I didn’t quite expect that, My main concern is how that -*sarcasm* How did it make me feel? HOW DO YOU THINK? 
    • A lot of people have that reaction...which is why I was going to ask HOW DID THAT AFFECT THE PEOPLE INVOLVED. -*pause* Son of a gun, nobody really asks that. I suppose Carol was really pissed off...wait...I KNOW she was pissed off ***that bitch tried to control me! Do you know what it’s like to have your own head telling you all sorts of history that you shouldn’t know or even came close to giving a shit about?*** and Mystique was mean, but she always said it was because she cared. I think that’s true, she really cared about me in her own sorta way. She should really talk to you, if you’ll have her.
    • I’m always an open mind and ear for anyone within reason -The “reason” part might be a problem. 
    • So what’s your goal with those relationships? -I’m not a goals kinda gal.Where the wind blows, I’ll be there, good Lord willin’ and the creek don’t rise. Unless I don’t wanna go, that is.
    • Aaaaaand hence the name. There’s nothing wrong with riding the tide and going where nature follows, and there’s nothing inherently wrong with bucking a trend, either. But the balance of those two can get out of whack. It’s obvious to me that you have the ability to go wherever you please, but so many times, you’ve been the center of attention for others because of your talent. Why not take the impulsive energy and combine it with a modest bit of forethought and live the more comfortable, less stressful life that you deserve? - Believe it or not, Doc, I actually did have some good come out of all of that we were just talking about. Carol doesn’t hate me...not anymore. And when things are good with Mystique, we work well together. I’m not as dumb as you think I am just because my nature is to fight with whatever everybody says.
    • *insulted* I NEVER thought that -Ah, there’s the flustered part that I always look for when I meet someone new.
    • *pause* Touche. Now that you’ve made it clear you can create any social outcome you want, how much are you willing to focus on making them enjoyable for everyone involved?. -One thing at a time Shug, one thing at a time. We good here?
    • -That we are. - Thanks for the chat, then. See ya ‘round. And if you ever do talk to mah mama, tell her I said hi. Well, maybe see how she reacts before bringin’ me up… could be a bad time for you...
  • Ending (57:08)
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    • Review read - Justalittlepodcast - I just started listening, but I am hooked. Completely blown away. Such a great podcast that portrays mental health in a revolutionary way. The exploration and deep dive in comic book characters is fantastic. The conversations between these to gentlemen is refreshing, honest, and genuine.  Keep up the great work! Also I really enjoy the skits.
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