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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

May 16, 2018

Anthony sings the Bee Gees, Dr. Issues channels Madeline Kahn, and the Patreon is announced. Oh, and they also talk about the Merc with the Mouth, Deadpool!


  • Introduction
  • Announcement of new Patreon! (02:34)
  • Deadpool background
    • Created by Rob Liefeld & Fabian Nicieza in New Mutants 98 (Feb. 1991)
    • Began as villain attacking Cable & New Mutants
    • Later joins X-Force, begins making appearances in other books
    • Gets own miniseries in 1994
    • Joe Kelly series in 1997 is where character comes into his own - introduces Blind Al & Weasel, along with 4th wall breaking
    • Gail Simone introduces little yellow boxes Deadpool could interact with
    • Joins Cable in "buddy cop" series, firmly established as comic relief character
    • 2010 - joins Uncanny X-Force, more moralized version of character
    • 2010s sees Deadpool become the new Wolverine - appears in numerous series and side miniseries
    • In solo series, gets cured of healing factor and loses scarred face
    • New series by Brian Posehn & Gerry Duggan - gets married and discovers he has child
    • Died in Deadpool 250 as part of Secret Wars
    • All New All Different Marvel - joins Avengers Unity Squad, initially sides with Hydra Steve Rogers out of respect, but later has crisis of conscience and walks away
  • Favorite Deadpool moments (24:08)
  • Issues (25:40)
    • Considered in-universe to be "schizophrenic" or suffering from psychosis
    • Moral flexibility & ambiguity
    • Blind loyalty to certain characters/people can cost him
  • Treatment (42:37)
    • In-universe - any & all treatments are on the table
    • Out-of-universe - anti-psychotics, under observation
  • Skit
  • Ending

Pop culture references throughout the episode:

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