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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Mar 14, 2018

Anthony and Dr. Issues discuss the Clown Prince of Crime, and Doc gets a buzz out of his new patient. Literally.

Show notes:

  • Introduction
  • Background on Joker
    • Arch-nemesis of Batman
    • Introduced early on in Batman's history
    • Multiple backstories
    • Evolution of character from serial killer to prankster
    • Denny O'Neil/Neal Adams run returned him to a maniac
    • 1980s - Dark Knight Returns, Killing Joke, Arkham: Serious House on Serious Earth
    • Animated series introduces Harley Quinn as lover/sidekick
    • Modern era: Death of the Family/Endgame - Face removed and surgically reattached
  • Primary issues
    • Obsession with Batman
    • Psychopath
    • No sense of logic
  • How to address issues through treatment
    • ???
  • Joker on the couch