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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Jul 8, 2022

We're breaking hiatus (and on a Friday no less!) to bring you an interview with Allen & Will, creators of the incredible Pocus Hocus! Issue 4 is now available on Kickstarter - listen now, and then back this project!

  • Intro
  • Background
    • Recap Issues 1-3
    • Pocus & Emily in hell, seeking souls to get Pocus out of his contract with the demon
    • Emily turns out to be VERY proficient with knives
    • Demons work like TWD zombies - cannot smell if covered in blood
    • Moral: always be nice to animals

  • Issue 4
    • Screws start getting put to characters
    • One of the creepiest character designs I’ve ever seen - Guillermo del Toro would be proud
  • Kickstarter incentives
    • Horus in Hell
  • Grandma Chainsaw
    • Genesis of story?
    • How to differentiate from other horror stories with similar beginning

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