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Capes On the Couch - Where Comics Get Counseling

Oct 31, 2020

As a special bonus, here's the recap rap in our 100th episode!


When Doc and I first dreamed about creating a podcast
We never thought in a million years it was gon' last
But more than two and a half years have gone past
And one hundred episodes of absolutely fantastic
Characters, drastic masters, and bombastic bastards
As we mix the scholastic and sarcastic faster
Than you can say gone to lightspeed
But here's a little something that we thought you might need
In case you haven't caught up on all of your downloads
I'm'a rap a recap, are you ready, here it goes

It all started off with Eddie Brock, y'know Venom
No wonder he's so angry with a symbiote in 'em
Then Doc's fave, the Joker, we had drinks with Tony Stark
And my boy Moon Knight, you know things got pretty dark
Badass chicks Quinn and Jones givin' men the boot
Rorschach's issue's seeing everything as absolute
Deadpool interrupted us with porn and masturbation
Booster hopes one day that he can rise above his station
Tried to break through Freeze, but yo that ice is pretty thick
When it comes to Cyclops you know Scott is a dick
Legion, Question, Sentry, they're too crazy for this rap
And Hank Pym wishes everyone could just move past the slap
Casey Jones and Scarecrow like to hide behind their masks
While Jamie Madrox splits up so he handles many tasks
Our fans picked the Governor, a good ol' Southern man
Hank Henshaw only wishes he could be Superman
Logan needs a break so he can find himself a lover
Molecule Man needs to break away from control by his mother
Stephen Strange should give up magic and go back to surgery
Then we talked about the Hulk with friends Popcorn Psychology
Kingpin threatened Doc, but that ended pretty badly
Mister Miracle and Barda clearly love each other madly
Jonah just wants pictures of that menace Spider-Man
And Black Manta wants out of the shadow of Aquaman
Chief and Negan think that tragedy makes them great
While Doc told Cap America that he should masturbate
Constantine and Talia needed better vocal actors
While Nadia van Dyne is accurate on many factors
Callum Cooper and the Riddler think they're both really smart
Jen Walters takes being green with envy to an art
Jason Todd and Cletus Kasady had messed up childhoods
So did Ultimate Reed Richards, at least he started off as good
Roy Harper made us cry with his story, it's so tragic
And Colossus needs to work things out with his kid sister Magik
Bane and terrorism go together, hand in glove
But the Tick is too ridiculous and silly not to love
Kamala should stop putting heroes up on a pedestal
Shredder's history of failure is really quite incredible
Dick Grayson does it all and also has the perfect ass
While Laura needs to learn how to interact with some more class
Forgotten Home's a story about learning who you are
Raphael's anger is justified but he takes it too far
Uatu watches over you and can be pretty creepy
Damian had no childhood but isn't very weepy
Apocalypse thinks he's the savior of all mutantkind
Baphomet's development is truly quite divine
The Beast's an intellectual, but all he does is worry
If Ego's coming after you, you'd best leave in a hurry

So that's all of our episodes, this rap has been a frenzy
Spitting rhymes over this beat thanks to my buddy Eric Menzie
And last not least thanks to our fans, especially our Patrons
We appreciate you sticking with us, showing off your patience
Who knows where the next hundred shows will take us, but I'll vouch
That they'll be fun and helpful, that's what makes Capes on the Couch


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